Born in Belgium in 1958 in a family with two main interests: Weaving linen and sailing.

1980 - After graduating in architecture I moved to Rome for an apprenticeship, where my interest in textiles and design developed.

1984 - Time to team up in the family business designing the linens. Until then all my free time is spent at sea, cruising, racing and delivering sailboats.

1987 - Playing with windsurfers, I meet my husband Michel, we have two children.

2001 - Racing the 150th anniversary of the America’s Cup triggers the decision to leave the world of textiles and start learning to  use a camera and see through a lens.

My first assignments in photography were onboard classic sailboats during races.I am fascinated by the combined beauty of sea, boats and people working as a team.

Other areas of interest are houses-homes-shelters: where and how people live, how they prepare and share a meal...

In our increasingly complex world I choose to look at tranquil scenes that exude wholeness and help feed our need for serenity, respect and love.

I also hope my pictures show this growing respect I feel for all living things, right up to the smallest weed along my path.

“ le seul esprit revolutionnaire désormais est
celui qui devant la création ose l’ humilité ”      Christiane Singer